song of man

You held the heavens in Your hands as You moved over the seas
A world so formless and its darkness covering the deep
Then came a light out from the dark as You gave the stars their names
What beauty out of emptiness through words that You proclaimed

But still You know me, still You know me
Still You know me, just one man
And still You love me, still You love me
Still You love me as Your own

From dust You breathed Your life in me: a gift of such great cost
In Your image I am made to be a ruler of this earth
And then the pride inside it rose above the love You’d shown to me
A fruit so pleasing to my eye that lay upon that little tree

And then that fated day it came when You sent Your only son
I spit upon Him, mocked His name as his blood for me poured out
He died and then He rose again to break the chains of sin
But still my heart rejects this grace time and time again



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