settling for better

Someone recently pointed out to me that we often settle for better instead  of aiming for the best.

I know I do this – in my spiritual walk with God, in my relationships, in my thoughts, in my actions, in the dreams I dream. And I can’t help but think of 1) how things would be if all those great people in the Bible settled for better, and 2). how things would be if those people who settled for better aimed for the best instead?



Complacency is “a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.” In our lives, especially for those of us who live privileged 21st century ones, complacency and comfort are synonymous. When we are complacent, we are comfortable. And as soon as we even start to be aware of danger, trouble, or controversy in our life, we grow uncomfortable.

But what’s new to me is the idea that we are not only complacent when we choose the bad over the good, but when we choose better over best. When we see “better,” we assume “best.” We forget to live with an eternal perspective, instead focusing on a merely temporal one.


Lord, please make me aware of the many, many areas in my life in which I have become complacent. Of course, reveal to me complacency in my life that’s tied to direct spiritual danger. But also help me to recognize when I am settling for better instead of reaching for the best.

Because Lord, only You know what the best is. So please dream for me, speak through me, give me Your thoughts, love through me.


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