what if

What if I

…stopped trying to please other people and pleased the One who has made me?

…looked after the orphans and the widows and kept myself unpolluted from the world?

…realized just how fearfully and wonderfully made I am?

…gave it all, counted it all as loss?

…valued a to-be-revealed glory more than present sufferings?

…looked beyond my situations, beyond the storm, to the One at the centre of it all?

…went and sinned no more?

…used my tongue to build up others, instead of bringing them down?

…made disciples of all nations?

…stepped out of complacency and into the authority and power given to me from the very foundations of this earth?

What would my life be like? And, more importantly, what would the lives of the others who I cannot even fathom to have touched be like?


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