as if

I was reading a fun little blurb about blogging and journalism (meta-alert). The writer referenced a guy who gets through hard situations “as if.” As if he belonged, as if he knew what he was doing, as if everything would be okay.

And I realized what’s been wrong with my recent mentality.  I’m too stuck on the what-ifs instead of living as-if (literally).

What if I lived as if?

As if God wanted me to go through everything I’m going through. As if I’m in the right place in this journey. As if God is in control of it all. As if He’s working behind the scenes this very moment.

Because He is. He knows what I’m feeling and doing, what I see, think, hear, speak. He knows I’ve been pretty darn selfish and fearful and rebellious.

And guess what? He still loves me! He still uses me! He still saves me!

Why do we live our lives asking ourselves “what if?” when He’s given and done it all for us?


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