self-worth, solitude & the extrovert

— This is a little bit of a rant —

I recently took the Myer-Briggs test and got ENFP: Extroverted iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. Aka I have extroverted intuition with introverted feeling (I’m extroverted but need regular alone time to re-align myself).

I’m not sure to what extent this is true.

But I know I’ve been wanting a time of solitude (a time away from this world and from people, so that I can refresh myself). Yet I’ve found myself unable to have this – unable to not depend on people for emotional fulfilment. So what started as solitude turned to loneliness and isolation.

I know solitude is good, in that I don’t need to depend on others to be happy. But I feel like I am happy when I am around others, and I am re-charged when I’m not alone. Because when I’m alone, I feel empty.

I guess that I need to accept that I am never really alone. Until then, the question I ask is: is there something I’m doing wrong (something that’s wrong with my mindset), or is this the way I was created to be?



4 thoughts on “self-worth, solitude & the extrovert

  1. As a fellow ENFP personality, I think another huge trait is overthinking. This may be your problem here. This is also a common trait of a blogger. Looks like we get a double-dose of the whole over thinking thing. You aren’t doing anything wrong. We’re finding ourselves.

  2. I’m an enfp as well. I’ve moved across the country for a new job and lifestyle change and I’ve been struggling with loneliness and isolation for a while now. I think loneliness is part of the human condition and I try not to dwell on it too much. I think we have a yearning to be part of something greater and connect everyone and find meaning in everything (at least for me) and it’s hard to fit in because not everyone cares as much. I don’t think anything is “wrong” with our mindset, we’re awesome and only a few lucky ones are able to recognize our big hearts and appreciate us 🙂 Also, having a cat helps!

    1. @margecake Well said (: I totally agree (especially with the pet part, though in my case dogs). All the happiness and prayers to you in your new job and lifestyle! I feel like those kinds of changes are tough but they’re also rewarding once you adapt and settle in!

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