hong kong

On other things, I traveled to Singapore and Hong Kong this past week. It was actually quite a bit of a culture shock to me, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

I realized I’ve never ever been that much of a minority (outwardly) before. In Europe, in India, in the US, in Spanish-speaking countries, I’ve always either blended into a homogenous group or I’ve been in a place diverse enough to not stand out.

But in both these places (especially Hong Kong), I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb. For one, I do not speak Cantonese, and then my brown skin was a clear “look at me” (not necessarily in a good way) sign.

I also realized that I’m not very open to being out of my comfort zone – literally and spiritually. I found myself doing all I can to blend in to the environment around me. This is fine, but when I’m supposed to be a light in the world, how can I succeed if I’m always trying to blend in by hiding this light?

PS. Here’s a cool shot I got while hiking on one of the beautiful islands near Hong Kong:


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