A word for me today: Do not dread. 

As my final undergraduate semester begins, I realized I’ve been overcome by waves of dread, and as a result, have been walking around with a cloud of gloom over my head. I’ve been dreading writing my thesis, dreading my less than ideal (okay, very less than ideal) roommate situation, dreading coming back to New York (yet also dreading graduation), dreading starting the routine of full-time work – the list goes on.

I realized dread while it’s a bit like fear, it’s a bit different. We usually fear what can hurt us, what’s evil, what we do not know. But when we dread, we usually dread what God has set out for us to do. So dread not only sucks up the joy and the strength that God gives us – but can be a flat out rejection of God plan and the precursor to an ungrateful heart.

In my case, I know God’s plan is for me to write my thesis, to graduate, to start working. And yes, I am excited about these things – I believe God makes us excited about what He has in store for us. Yet the more I dread, the less joyful I am.
So instead of waiting in “fearful anticipation” (as a post I read put it), let us hopefully anticipate His perfect plans and the joy that comes when we walk in them. 


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