I’m not writing this post because I’m heartbroken. I’m disappointed, upset, a little angry, and distrustful – but I’m not heartbroken. 

But I’m writing this post because knowing how I feel after this earthly heartache brought upon by mere rejection, I cannot begin to imagine how our Creator feels when we – His creation – reject Him.

O Lord, when I reject you, as I have countless times before, is this what you feel: heartache, sorrow, pain? I’m so sorry. I am weak and broken and faithless and ungrateful. And you’re perfect. Yet you love me while I end up rejecting you. How can that be?

This sorrow of mine cannot even begin to compare to the sorrow of eternal separation. 


2 thoughts on “heartbroken

  1. Be strong, stay strong, and remain positive. What may seem to be hard now may be a hurdle that God wanted you to jump over. I went through a hard break up and I am still searching for forgiveness for the other person, I still let him know that I invited him in and he had failed me. But the truth is when I look to God for the answer he displays different routes, different ways and the right tools for happiness.

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