lessons to remember

This past week, the youth pastor of my church in the city unexpectedly passed away.

I did not know him very well, but I distinctly remember his prayer for us last Sunday. I was there setting up with the rest of the worship team before service. And because our head pastor was on vacation, this man led us in prayer.

He took a few minutes that morning to tell us that his prayer for us was to get out of our comfort zones, to not be comfortable in our walks with God.

Today, as our church mourned his loss (and celebrated his life), that hit hard.

My prayer today, for myself, for my church, for all God’s children:

  • To not be comfortable
  • To constantly step out of the boat so we can walk on water
  • To treat each day like it will be our last
  • To treat each person we meet like the royalty he or she is
  • For God to humble us whenever we get too comfortable
  • For God to empty us of the bad stuff and fill us with His love

It is easy to forget to pray these prayers in our youth. But what is so beautiful is that even in tragedy, God teaches. God is in control.


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