biblical awakening

At church today, I heard a message on biblical awakening. My pastor told the story of Cornelius and Peter to illustrate this awakening, bringing us to three conclusions:

  1. Biblical awakening is preceded by preparation (Acts 10:1-23) – God prepared the hearts of both Peter and Cornelius.
  2. Biblical awakening propels people to action (Acts 10:24-43) – Both were prompted to act, and both followed this prompt.
  3. Biblical awakening is accompanied by proof (Acts 10:44-48) – The end result of their meeting was the baptism of and pouring out of the Holy Spirit onto the Gentiles.

The crazy thing is that during our service, we saw a sign of that message. God told one of the prayer team members to go up to one particular girl and ask her if she needed prayer. At first, the prayer team member was reluctant (because she thought it would be awkward if she were wrong). In the end, she followed the prompt and the two prayed together. At the end of the service, the girl she went up to revealed that God had told her today morning she would pray with this particular member, and she should wait until she was approached.

Then after service, as I continued to read and meditate, this message was continued as I came across the familiar story of Saul in Acts 9.

In Acts 9, Saul went about his daily life, living in sin and persecuting the Lord’s disciples. But on his way, His daily routine was shaken – and He fell off his horse. God told Saul to go to the city, where he would be told what he must do. Saul was temporarily blinded, and did not eat or drink anything for three days. God was preparing Saul.

Meanwhile, God was also preparing Ananias. He told Ananias to go to Saul, a crazy request, considering Saul was the worst of all persecutors. And by the end of that meeting, Saul could see and was baptized in Christ.

I pray that the Lord prepare my heart (and the hearts of his disciples) and the hearts of unbelievers. I pray that the Lord prompts me to act, and that He gives me the strength to go when prompted. I pray that He awakens His people, and that the proof of this awakening is seen far and wide, in order to bring Him and only Him glory.


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