never forget

I can’t remember much before the age of 9 or 10. But I remember 9/11 like it happened yesterday. I remember sitting at the breakfast table and eating a bowl of cereal, wondering what was going on. I remember my dad, shell-shocked and unable to say anything. I remember being thankful, even so many years later, that he didn’t go to his office at 7 World Trade Center that morning.

But what I tend to forget is the aftermath of that day. I know there were some things in those years that our country should be ashamed of, and things I’d change if I could. But I also know without a doubt that our country rallied together. We prayed, we united, we sought after God’s face. We remembered what was truly important.

Most importantly, the tragedy and its aftermath taught us the harsh lesson of the brevity of our life here on earth. It reminded us how silly differences and disagreements are in comparison to our shared humanity. And in comparison to God’s endless love for us.

And 15 years later, we still hear the words “Never forget.” Today, as we remember this tragedy, I realize how important it is to not only remember the day of September 11 and the people who lost their lives in tragedy, but to also remember the aftermath and the lessons we learned. This is on my heart during these times of strife and discord, both socially and politically.

This can best be summed up in the lyrics of a song I heard today at church:

“Kings and kingdoms fall away

Only You remain, only You remain,

The things of earth will pass away,

Only You remain, only You remain”

My prayer for today: Lord, let this nation not be consumed with the meaningless, futile things of this earth. Let us remember what is truly important, and turn to You. Let us not learn this lesson through another tragedy. Let us be aware of how short of a time we have here on earth.

Please continue to heal our nation from the hurt and the heartache that still linger 15 years later. Be with the families and friends of those who lost their lives, in their time of mourning and remembrance.


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