love is an action 

“Love is an action.” 

Though I know this in theory, I’ve always associated love with emotion. I am pretty connected to my emotions, often to a fault, since emotions can be hard to separate from truth and actions. As a result, love has largely intertwined itself with my emotions. When I am happy, it is easy to love, but when I’m sad or angry, loving is not a natural reaction.

God did not call me [us] to love this way. He called me to love when I am angry, sad, happy, overjoyed, excited, and more. Because if I am just loving in accordance to my flesh, I am not living in love – I am living in the flesh. 

Whenever I tell myself “I’m just human,” I remember Jesus and look to His life as an example. I remember how He loved – though he became a man with worries and emotions. I remember how He loved me and sacrificed Himself for me. 

I need to keep letting Him love me, because without experiencing and remembering His love, I’ll forget love is an action, not an emotion. I’ll forget to love when I most need to – and more importantly, when people around me most need me to. 


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